• Grades K-3:  General Music
    All children in grades K-3 participate in weekly general music.  It is a program that includes units in choral music, dance, keyboard and percussion instruments, music history, music appreciation and music theory. The students may have optional performance opportunities.
    General Music: Hudson Gillot
    General Music: Melanie Relyea
    Grades 4&5:  Band, Chorus, or Orchestra
    Students will attend a presentation the first week of school so they may make a well-informed decision about their musical options at MES.  We will do our best to honor all first choices for the music course.  Students may choose specific instruments to participate in either the band or orchestra.  MES has some instruments to loan, but most students will need to rent or purchase an instrument.  Detailed information regarding renting and purchasing an instrument is provided during the start of year informational meetings.  Each music teacher will coordinate November and March student performances.
    Orchestra: Hudson Gillot
    Band and Chorus: Melanie Relyea