• The Morningside Elementary School Parent Teacher Association (MES PTA) is a dynamic organization that includes caregivers, teachers, and administrators. Our mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. 

    Read more about our focus in the coming year below and use the links on this page to learn more details about the exciting things we have in store for our kids. The webpages for each our key committees are linked on the left hand side menu while links to our upcoming events and some PTA resources can be found on the right.

    Have ideas? Want to get involved? We’d love to hear from you! 

    Key MES PTA Initiatives for the 2023-2024 School Year


    Partnerships & Philanthropy

    The MES PTA will actively seek out and organize opportunities to give back not only within our own school community, but also support others in the Midtown Cluster and across the entire APS district. This will include family-friendly service projects as well as efforts to organize and support APS families together with other schools across APS. Additional information about this work can be found primarily on our Community webpage

    Teacher Appreciation and Support

    We know how hard the faculty at our school works and the MES PTA will continue to look for innovative ways to appreciate, support and encourage our teachers and administrators throughout the year. Additional information about this work can be found primarily on our Teacher Appreciation webpage.

    MES Culture and Experience

    We're so excited to return to our newly renovated home campus on East Rock Springs this year. Throughout the year, we will work to build a sense of pride and unity for our MES Dolphins through grade-level social activities and school-wide events, including enrichment events like our Fall Book Fair and Family Science Night, culture and arts events like the new MES International Festival and the WAVES talent show, community building events like the Halloween Monster Bash and Parent University, and ongoing school service opportunities like campus clean ups and Dolphins Do Good initiatives. And of course, we will still be producing our much-loved yearbook

    Curriculum Support

    Throughout the year, the MES PTA will find new ways to support and supplement our students’ curriculum. We continue to work closely with the MES Foundation, collaborating with our teachers to create and deliver tools and resources to enhance the classroom experience for all of our students. The PTA will also continue to fund innovative ideas for enhancing learning through our grants program and cultural programming.  

    Technology and Training

    The MES PTA will also partner with the school and the MES Foundation to assist with technology, as needed, to continue to make learning an exciting and enriching experience for our teachers and students. 

    Join the MES PTA for the 2023-2024 School Year!

    Becoming a member of the PTA requires purchasing an annual membership, which costs between $5-20. Memberships for the 2023-2024 school year will go on sale in August 2023 and can be purchased via the MES Square Site.

    You can also learn more about volunteering with the MES PTA here.

    MES PTA Executive Board 2023-2024 

    Co-Presidents Zach Juno and Dawn Rutherford
    Parliamentarian Matt Fox
    Treasurer Effie Antonakakis

    Secretary Jane Myung Park
    VP Operations Camille Richardson

    VP Community Aisha Stith
    VP Communications Kristen Cincotta
    VP Fundraising Dayna Detro
    VP Enrichment Anne-Marie DeBacker
    VP SWAG Jackie Townley

    Learn More About the MES PTA

    To learn more about the MES PTA, you can review the budget, recent meeting minutes, and the current MES PTA Bylaws and/or the Georgia PTA Leadership Manual here.  

2023 - 2024 PTA Org Chart

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  • Announcing the PTA Executive Board Candidate Slate for the 2024-2025 School Year!

    The PTA Nomination Committee is proud to recommend the following candidates for your 2024-2025 MES PTA Executive Board:

    • PTA Co-Presidents: Zach Juno and Lori Brown
    • Vice President - Communications: Sally Woods
    • Vice President - Community: Mallory Rahman
    • Vice President - Enrichment: Emily Jordan
    • Vice President - Fundraising: Dayna Detro
    • Vice-President - Operations: Erika Hall
    • Vice-President - SWAG: Caroline Limehouse
    • Secretary: Jane Myung Park
    • Treasurer: Effie Antonakakis

    Please join us for the next General Membership PTA Meeting on Thursday, April 11th, 2024 at 8:00am in the MES Auditorium to vote on the Nomination Committee's slate of proposed incoming 2024-2025 Executive Committee Officers.

    • Current PTA Volunteer Needs:

      • Field Day Volunteers
      • Sweet Treat Donations for Staff Appreciation Week!

      Click here for more details about each of these positions!

Flyer showing logos of Dolphin Donors at each sponsorship tier
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