• Help us keep MES from becoming MESS! Please make a regular habit of checking the MES Lost and Found for any of your family's treasures that may have gone missing around the school. Please swim back in early August 2023 for the details about where the Lost and Found will be located in our newly renovated East Rock Springs school building and the process for visiting.

    Lost and Found Donation Days

    To ensure that the Lost and Found doesn't become too out of control, our volunteers donate all unclaimed treasures on a monthly basis. Swim back in early August 2023 to see the planned Lost and Found donation for the fall semester so that you can plan accordingly.

    Please note: We never donate anything that is labeled with a student's name! These items are held separately, and we make every effort to return them to their rightful owners. So please label your lunchboxes, backpacks, hoodies, jackets, hats, water bottles, and anything else your child might bring to school with them!

    Lost and Found Volunteers

    It takes a dedicated crew to keep our Lost and Found under control. The MES PTA coordinates a volunteer crew throughout the year to organize our Lost and Found and pull together the monthly donation piles. Please swim back in early August 2023 for the link to sign up to help with this effort.

    For questions about the Lost and Found, please contact Tiffany Torbert.