Book Swap

  • Annual Morningside Book Swap!  March 22 - March 29, 2019

    What is Book Swap? Book Swap is an opportunity for Morningside students to donate gently used books and exchange them for new-to-them books in a school-wide Book Swap.

  • How Does the Book Swap Work? Students are encouraged to donate gently used books to the Book Swap on their Donation Day.  Students will then browse the Book Swap on a Selection Day and take home as many books as they contributed (up to a maximum of 5 books). Every student will be able to choose at least one book.

    Book Donations: Each class will have a Donation time (lasting 10-15 minutes per class) where volunteers will record the number of books that each student donates to the Book Swap.  

    • Kindergarten classes will donate their books at the Kindergarten Campus on Friday, March 22.  Volunteers will also be available the morning of Monday, March 25 to accept books from students.  
    • Main Campus classes will donate their books in the Auditorium on Monday, March 25 (if class schedules don’t allow for a time spot on March 25, classes will still be able to drop off on Tuesday, March 26).

    Book Selection: Each class will have a Selection time between Tuesday, March 26 and Friday, March 29.  Classes will go to the Auditorium for 20 - 30 minutes to browse and select books from the Book Swap.

    Kindergarten classes will go to the Main Campus on Thursday, March 28 to select their books in the Auditorium.

    Exact times for both drop off and selection on the days above will be determined by teachers and administrators.  The Book Swap committee will post a schedule before the book swap, but times may change at the last minute if teachers or administrators need to make changes.

    Book Criteria

    • Students are encouraged to bring in as many books as they would like, and should try to donate books that they think their friends might like to read.  
    • Please send in gently used books (please check for stains or missing pages).
    • Please do not send in library books, board books, coloring books, activity books, or sticker books.
    • We often have a shortage of higher-level reading books for grades 3 - 5.  Please consider sending in additional books for these grade levels if you are able.  

    More Information

    What if we forget to send in books during my student’s Drop Off time? 

    • Don’t worry! 
    • Kindergarten students who forget (or are absent) on their drop off day of March 22 can bring their books to volunteers on Monday, March 25.  Volunteers will be available on each floor of the Kindergarten Campus to accept books.
    • Main Campus students can bring their books during morning drop off to the Auditorium where a volunteer can collect their books and record their donation.
    • Any student can bring additional or forgotten books to the Book Swap during their selection time.  Volunteers will get the books from them at that time and credit the number to the total number they can select.
    • And remember, every student will be able to select at least 1 book!  

    Want to Volunteer?: Volunteer using our Book Swap SignUp Genius.

    Questions?  Please contact Book Swap Co-Chairs Lisa Olmsted and Abigail Politzer if you have questions or if you are interested in volunteering during the Book Swap.  Please send emails to both Lisa and Abigail to increase the chance that it will be seen quickly.

    Book Swap Committee: Whitney Dziuma, Marla Johnson, Zoe Mayers, Lisa Olmsted, Abigail Politzer, Carisa Quinn 

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