Boosterthon and Dolphin Dash

  • Save the Date!

    We invite everyone to join us for the 2022-23 Dolphin Dash on Tuesday, November 29th on the ‘Field of Dreams’ at MES@Inman!


    What is Boosterthon?

    Throughout the year, the MES PTA works hard to improve and enhance the school experience for our students, teachers, and staff. We love doing this work, but unfortunately, we can’t do it without funding. Starting in 2003, the primary fundraiser for the MES PTA has been our annual Boosterthon. This single event, which will take place this year from November 7th through the 15th, raises the money used to power the majority of PTA initiatives each year. Last fall, our Boosterthon raised over $125,000 from our generous supporters!

    For the 2022/23 school year, our goal is to raise at least $100,000 for all the amazing programming we have planned for our students and staff. These opportunities include:

    • Community Building, including outreach support to our families in need, community-building programs (such as No Place for Hate, the Monster Bash Halloween Carnival, and grade-level social events), and community service initiatives.

    • Student Enrichment, including events such as Family Science Night, the MES Talent and Arts Showcase, the International Festival and Cultural Arts performances, and Book Fairs.

    • Teacher Support, including helping provide classroom supplies and books, teacher appreciation lunches, morale-boosting tokens of appreciation, funding for specials’ classroom needs (such as musical instruments, P.E. equipment, art supplies, and library books), and funding for Support Staff needs (like play therapy toys and intervention materials).

    • Sustainability and Wellness Promotion, including school-wide initiatives like Earth Week, smoothies at recess, Global Handwashing Day, and an epic Field Day experience for all students.

    • Technology Innovation, through PTA Grants that are available to any teacher or student with an innovative idea, and providing equipment and tools for efficient dismissal procedures and on-campus communication between administrators and staff.

    • Facilities Enhancements, including upgrading and creating learning spaces via improvements to the auditorium, and planning for and re-establishing the MES garden.

    While Boosterthon financially benefits the MES PTA, it's also a great experience for our students. During Boosterthon, they will get to participate in a 7-day character-building program themed ‘Grand Land Adventure’, which promotes the importance of gratitude, stewardship, bravery, perseverance, and wonder. 
    For those families who are new to MES, check out this Boosterthon Overview video. You don't have to wait for the official kick-off to get a head start supporting this great school. You can register HERE now!

    What is Dolphin Dash?
    At the conclusion of the Boosterthon fundraising drive, our school comes together for a final Boosterthon event - the Dolphin Dash! Parents and family members are invited to come to the Dolphin Dash on Tuesday, November 29th [NEW DATE!!] at the Field of Dreams (the field across from Virginia Avenue Church) to cheer on their runners. Kids will run together with their grade level at the following times:
    Schedule for the 2022 Dolphin Dash


    Because of rain in the forecast, we had to reschedule our Dolphin Dash to later in the month. In the meantime, we've added two NEW events to help celebrate our students' successful fundraising efforts during Boosterthon:


    Tuesday, November 15th

    Grade wide celebrations & Dance Party during the last few minutes of lunch.


    Friday, November 18th

    If we meet our goal of $100,000, the students will witness an Epic Inflatable Race through the entire school by our gracious administrative team. We won't give ALL the details but prepare for stories when the kids come home. It will be a great way to send the kids off for Thanksgiving break.


    What do Parents Need to Do?
    The 'Parent Action Steps' during the program are simple:
    1. Registration is open NOW! Please register your student(s) for the program on by clicking here or by clicking on the button in the right hand sidebar. The program starts on Monday, November 7th with a pep rally, so please have your students registered before then.
    2. Pledging is also open NOW! Reach out to potential sponsors (family and friends anywhere in the world!) by sharing your pledge link and ask them to support your student with a financial pledge.
    3. Come out to cheer on your student at the Dolphin Dash Fun Run on Tuesday, November 15th at the Field of Dreams! Parents and family members are encouraged to join us (see the grade schedule above for details).

    What to Expect During Boosterthon and Dolphin Dash
    • No laps will be recorded to avoid congregation. All runners will be pre-set in the system for 35 laps.
    • Each grade will run laps around one of two Boosterthon tracks set up in the Field of Dreams during their designated time.
    • Simultaneous tracks will be utilized per grade level to provide double the fun and ample space for our runners.
    • Students should wear comfortable shoes and plan to bring their water bottle to the field. Extra water will be provided if needed.
    • The class with the most pledges in each grade will win a pizza party!
    • If we hit our fundraising target, Principal Sofianos, Assistant Principal Dr. Sinclair, and Business Manager, Mr. Baron will engage in an epic inflatable animal costume race through the school!


    Additional Information

    At times we have students in our community who are unable to financially participate in the pledging/prize aspect of this event. If you’d like to pledge on behalf of these students so that they receive a prize during the program, please click here. The Boosterthon Team will be confidentially handling distribution of these prizes.


    Volunteers Needed!
    If you can, please sign up to volunteer on the day of the Dolphin Dash. We cannot do this without help from our parents!

    Boosterthon Chairs: Fabricio Moraes and Zach Juno
Dolphin Dash
  • Register Today!

    Please register your student(s) for Boosterthon no later than Monday, November 7th by clicking on the button below:

  • 2021 Program Stats

    Total Raised: $129,898

    Student Participation: 88% (up from 84% in 2019)

    Donor Stats: 2,935 donors from 44 states and 14 countries.  More than 63% of our pledges come from non-parents, allowing us to cast a wide net in support of our school.

    Top Class in School

    Ms. Guerino's 4th grade class raised the most. They will enjoy a pizza and popsicle party! 

    Top Class in Each Grade: 

    Kindergarten: Ms. Grier

    1st Grade: Ms. Luckmann

    2nd Grade: Ms. Philipps

    3rd Grade: Ms. Acton

    4th Grade: Ms. Guerino

    5th Grade: Ms. Stroud