Bus Rider

    • Buses for MES@Inman drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon along Clemont Drive.
    • Visit the Bus Stop Locator website to help identify which bus number is assigned to your address.
    • Transportation Changes: APS periodically updates the bus routes to better serve students - please check your route weekly to see if there are any changes that affect you.  
    • Check eligibility bus rider locations, & schedules at APS Transportation Website or call 404-802-5500.
    • Students may only ride their bus home to their assigned stops. Buses cannot transport students to other individuals home for playdates, doctor appt, etc. due to capacity and safety.
    • Eligible new riders should complete the APS New Student Bus Rider Form & submit it to MES. This is only for students whose start after the first day of school.
    • Pick-up & drop-off times are approximate, as they are affected by traffic patterns, weather & ridership.
    • Bus riders are expected to obey the rules of safe conduct, enforced by the driver.
    • Please read the APS Bus Conduct and Safety Standards and view the APS Bus Safety Video.
    • To inquire about bus delays, please check APS Bus Delays or call the main office.
    • Email APS Transportation with any concerns or questions.

    MES Bus 'Remind' Group Messages 

    Please call the Main Office to receive instructions for opting in to your bus specific text information. MES families with bus riders may join their MES Bus 'Remind' Group. Administrators at MES will use Remind to send one-way messages as text messages/emailsThese messages have the ability to be translated in 70 languages. In addition, messages keep individual phone numbers private.
    MES Administrators will send messages regarding:
    • bus delays
    • bus number changes
    • bus route updates
    • substitute bus drivers

    How do I Sign Up? Visit 'Remind' on your desktop or or via mobile device and create an account to get connected with your MES Bus Remind Groups.

    • 'Enter Class Code': During your sign up process the 'Remind' software will ask you to "Enter Class Code" (Join a Class). This is your MES Bus 'Remind' Group Code. Click HERE for instructions on signging up for Remind.

    MES Administrator: Brian Baron | School Business Manager