Bus Rider

  • 2021/22 bus routes will be available mid-July

    APS Transportation Information

      • There should be no expectation of social distancing for students who ride the bus
      • Students will be required to wear masks
      • Bus operators will have additional masks to provide students in case students do not have them
      • Buses will be cleaned with approved cleaning products before and after drop-offs 
      • Students will be loaded from the back of the bus to the front of the bus in order to avoid students passing by each other 
      • When weather permits, windows will be cracked along with the roof emergency hatches
      • Bus operators will be trained to verbally stop students without a mask and issue them a mask

    **Families may elect to pursue other transportation options. APS encourages families to make transportation decisions that they believe are best for their children.

    MES Bus Rider Information

      • Bus route information will be available Mid-July
      • Buses for MES@Inman drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon along Clemont Drive.
      • Visit the Bus Stop Locator website to help identify which bus number is assigned to your address.
      • Check eligibility bus rider locations & schedules at APS Transportation Website or call 404-802-5500.
      • Students may only ride their bus home to their assigned stops. Buses cannot transport students to other individuals' homes for playdates, doctor appt, etc. due to capacity and safety.
      • Pick-up & drop-off times are approximate, as they are affected by traffic patterns, weather, & ridership.
      • Bus riders are expected to obey the rules of safe conduct, which is enforced by the bus driver.
      • Please read the APS Bus Conduct and Safety Standards and view the APS Bus Safety Video.
      • To inquire about bus delays, please check APS Bus Delays or call the main office.
      • Email APS Transportation with any concerns or questions.
      • Eligible new riders should complete the APS New Student Bus Rider Form & submit it to MES. This is only for students who start after the first day of school.

    MES Bus Messages

    We will be utilizing the PikMyKid app for sending messages about buses.  Please stay tuned for information regarding PikMyKid. 

    • MES Administrator: Brian Baron | School Business Manager 

Risk Mitigation at Bus Entry