Arrival and Dismissal

  • ARRIVAL: Students may arrive NO EARLIER than 7:15 !!

    EARLY PICKUP: No later than 2:00 PM!!


  • The earliest arrival time for students is 7:15 AM.

    • At both entrances, students will enter the doors marked for their grade level.
    • Students will proceed straight to their homeroom class
    • Each grade level will have color coded routes to their classes


    • CARPOOL: Students may NOT wait outside of their cars or at the front doors at carpool until signal to unload by staff is given. 
      • Students arriving by carpool will be required to open their own doors from within the cars.
      • We ask that parents remain inside of the cars at all times.
    • BUS ARRIVAL: We will unload one bus at a time at the bus entrance on Clemont Drive
    • WALKERS:
      • You may park in the neighborhood around MES@Inman.  Please do NOT park in any area denoted by no parking sign. 
      • Clemont Drive is not a parking area for students who will be utilizing the walkers pad.  
      • You may walk your student up to the building as far as the flag pole along Virginia Avenue.
      • Be mindful of high traffic areas, as many drivers may not be as mindful of little walkers.
      • Bike racks are available along the back sidewalk of the parking lot entrance.  Please be sure to lock up your bike.


  • Dismissal will begin at 2:45 pm.  We will have simultaneous bus and carpool dismissal.

    CARPOOL: PikMyKid app will be used for ALL carpool. Download from your phone's app store.
    Adults picking up must remain in cars for carpool. We will not be allowing "walk up" carpool retrieval.

    • Students will be dismissed from their classrooms when PikMyKid notification arrives to the teacher that cars have entered carpool line. 
    • Students departing by carpool will be required to open their own doors from outside of the cars.
    • We ask that parents remain inside of the cars at all times.


    • Students will remain in classrooms and will be dismissed one bus at a time as they arrive at the school.


    • K-3rd Grade - If you have a child in K-3, please be prepared with your app in hand to retrieve these younger students at the designated area at the top of the stairs. 

    • 4th and 5th Grade - Students who are walkers in grades 4&5 will be released to the sidewalk on Virginia Avenue whether or not they are announced. If you are at school to pick up your older walker child, please be prepared to meet on the sidewalk.

    • If you have a combination of students in 4&5 with younger students in K-3, please tell your older student where to meet you after you pick up your younger student from the top of the stairs.