Walkers & Bikers at MES@Inman


    We thank you for your patience as we are working to improve the walker pad area. We can no longer have cars park at the curb on Virginia Avenue to ensure safety of our families.

    4th and 5th Grade - Students who are walkers in grades 4&5 will be released to the sidewalk on Virginia Avenue whether or not they are announced. If you are at school to pickup your older walker child, please be prepared to meet on the sidewalk.

    K-3rd Grade - If you have a child in K-3, please be prepared with your app in hand to retrieve these younger students at the designated area at the top fo the stairs.  

    If you have a combination of students in 4&5 with younger students in K-3, please tell your older student where to meet you after you pick up your younger student from the top of the stairs.

    Thank you!

Walker * Carpool * Bus Rider Map

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