Physical Education

  • All students at MES participate in physical education weekly. It is taught by two veteran teachers, Aly Nussear and Cheryl Carter. Both teachers hold Masters Degrees and advanced Specialist Degrees. Coach Carter also has her National Board Certification in Elementary Physical Education. The PE program at Morningside is full of exciting and fun activities that promote fitness, skill development and exposure to numerous sports and games. Classes focus on instilling positive and important character building concepts such as teamwork, good sportsmanship, cooperation, respect, and self worth.
    Field Day: In May, our amazing PE coaches organize a fabulous Field Day. All students are able to particpate in Field Day enjoying activities such as tug-o-war, water relays, obstacle courses, and even snow cone eating! This is a day treasured by all the students to celebrate the end of the school year and all their hard work!
    PE Dress Code: Students need to be prepared for high levels of activity on their assigned PE days. Appropriate clothing designed for movement is required. Dresses and skirts are not recommended. Tennis shoes designed for running, jumping, and quick movements are required. No open toed shoes, Crocs, heavy toed Keens, sandals or flip flops are allowed for PE classes. All of these requirements are designed for the safety and success of the students.
    Please visit the following links for information on lessons, activities, concepts and units taught.
    Physical Education Teachers: