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    We love volunteers at MES and are looking to get as many people involved as possible! Throughout the year, there are a wide variety of opportunities where parents can contribute, including within the classrooms, in school-wide organizations and committees, and just about anything else you can imagine. While some positions do require certain skill sets, most of our volunteer positions only require a desire to help and a good attitude! Read on to learn more about the types of volunteer opportunities at MES, and visit our Current PTA Volunteer Needs webpage to read more about specific openings we're looking to fill. Thanks for helping out!


    Classroom and Grade-Level Volunteer Roles

    Within each class at MES, there are opportunities for parents to volunteer for both year-long roles (like class parents) and for one-off opportunities (like field trip chaperones). There are also a handful of grade-level volunteer positions.

    Class Parent Leaders

    Each classroom at MES is supported by a small team of Class Parent Leaders who assist the teacher as needed throughout the year. Class Parent Leaders include Room Parents, Class Party Planner, SWAG Support, and Yearbook Liaison. The Class Parent Leader team helps source additional classroom supplies from the parents, organizes class parties and other activities, coordinates teacher gifts, shares reminders from the PTA about school events, and more. Class Parent Leaders are assisted by the PTA Class Parent Coordinators. Sign ups for Class Parent Leader positions for 2023-2024 will open the week of Monday, August 7th via the PTA's Membership Toolkit app. You can read more about these positions here.

    Classroom Volunteers

    Throughout the year, there may be opportunities for parents to volunteer within the classrooms. Grades K-2 usually have regular opportunities for parents to act as mystery readers, lead crafts, or participate in some class activities. There are also several opportunities every year to chaperone field trips or help with class parties at all grade levels. MES teachers and class parents organize these sign ups, usually via Membership Toolkit or a SignUp Genius.

    Grade-Level Social Chairs

    Each grade level has 1-2 social chairs who help plan 2-3 grade-wide social activities where MES families can get to know each other outside of school. Grade-level events may include park playdates, movie nights, picnics, or whatever fun ideas the chairs come up with. Social chairs may also work with the class parents to plan end of the year grade-level parties. Social chairs are assisted by the PTA. Sign ups for social chairs happen at the start of the year via Membership Toolkit.

    Parent Volunteer Organizations

    The MES Parent Teacher Association (PTA) 

    The MES PTA plans school-wide enrichment and social events, provides financial support and resources to teachers, and works closely with school administrators to build engagement with MES families. The PTA is led by an Executive Committee elected by the general body every April. Sub-committees are led by parent volunteers who comprise the PTA Board of Directors. While only paid members of the PTA can vote during meetings, all MES community members are welcome to participate in PTA events and activities. PTA volunteer opportunities are shared via Digital Dolphin and in the private school Facebook group.

    Learn more about the MES PTA: https://bit.ly/AboutMESPTA

    The MES Foundation 

    The MES Foundation offers additional support to Morningside Elementary by providing financial support for additional curriculum materials, teacher and staff training, technology, and facilities improvement. The Foundation is separate from the PTA and is funded by parent and corporate donations. The Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.

    Learn more about the MES Foundation: https://morningsideschoolfoundation.org/

    The MES GO Team 

    All Atlanta Public Schools are operated under the guidance of a GO Team comprised of elected parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. The GO Team is responsible for setting school priorities and managing the school budget including staffing. The MES GO Team meets monthly, with meetings livestreamed on the MES YouTube page. GO Team members serve two-year terms. Elections are held every spring.

    Learn more about the MES GO Team: https://bit.ly/MESGOTeam


    Additional Resources

    An overview of the difference between the MES PTA and the MES Foundation can be found here.

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