• Room Parents and Grade-Level Social Chairs

    In an effort to provide various ways for families to stay connected and informed, the PTA recruits and coordinates the efforts of two different volunteer groups: Class Parent Leaders and Grade-Level Social Chairs! Social Chairs help us to meet larger, grade-level community-building needs while Class Parent Leaders serve the needs of individual classes and teachers. It is the PTA’s hope that between these roles, families will have easy access to school, grade, and classroom information.

    Grade-Level Social Chairs

    Social Chairs (typically two per grade) help coordinate community-building activities for an entire grade. Social Chairs are responsible for scheduling various activities for an entire grade, like setting up regular park playdates for families and children in an entire grade. Ideally, Social Chairs will also schedule several adult-only events for parents of an entire grade to meet and socialize. There is no expectation that Social Chairs host events at home or are held solely responsible for making an event happen; this is simply a coordinator role.
    Sign-ups for Social Chairs will happen through Membership Toolkit beginning at noon on August 7, 2023. Contact information for the social chairs will be shared here once confirmed, so please swim back soon for that information!
    For more details about Social Chairs, please contact Tiffany Torbert.

    Class Parent Leaders

    For the 2023-2024 school year, each classroom teacher will be supported by a team of four Class Parent Leaders, each with specific roles and responsibilities. Class Parent Leaders will work closely with each other and with their teachers to coordinate support with the rest of the class parents. These positions are a year-long commitment. The four Class Parent Leaders are:

    • Room Parent
    • Party Planner
    • Sustainability, Wellness, and Garden (SWAG) Support
    • Yearbook Liaison

    You can learn more about the responsibilities for each role on the flier below.

    Sign-ups for Class Parent Leaders will happen via Membership Toolkit beginning at noon on Monday, August 7th, 2023. Contact information for the Room Parents will be shared here once confirmed, so please swim back soon for that information!

    For questions about Class Parent Leaders, please contact Marla Johnson and Yasuko Toeda.

    How to Sign Up

    In order to sign up for a position within your child’s classroom, you will need to have created a login and confirmed your family information & directory preferences in the MES Family Directory (Membership Toolkit). You will be able to access the volunteer forms through the Membership Toolkit website and mobile app.

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