• What's the MES PTA?
    Morningside’s PTA is a very active and strong group of parents and teachers. Our parent commitment helps to keep MES a top performing school!  We would like to encourage all parents to volunteer for at least one activity during the year
    What are the MES PTA Positions and Who Holds Each?
    See the chart below of PTA Executive Board titles & who holds these positions this school year. If you have any questions about PTA or volunteer opportunities, feel free to click on a name to send her or him an email  See list of committee chairs below!
    How Do I Get Involved?
    Sign up to participate in one or more PTA Volunteer Opportunities!  All are welcome, and we strive to make volunteer opportunities available for both working and non-working parents.
    • Let us know you are interested in learning more about volunteering for an Enrichment or Fundraising activity by visiting our Volunteer SignUp.
    What are the Pre-Requisites for Volunteering with the PTA? 
    Generally NONE!  However, if you volunteer onsite at MES during the school day you must review the APS Volunteer Policy and complete the Volunteer Release Form before volunteering.  Volunteer Release Forms must be submitted once every five years.  This includes volunteer positions in the Media Center, classrooms, or other roles that occur at MES during school and while children are present in the building.
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