Cleaning Protocols

  • The goal of APS has always been to strive for a return to in-person instruction as soon as the public health data indicates that it is prudent for students, teachers, and staff to return to school buildings.  From the start, our APS Facilities Department has been diligent in cleaning, sanitizing, and preparing our classrooms and buildings for in-person teaching and learning.   Some of these efforts include:

      • Adding hand sanitizing stations to classrooms  
      • Adding paper towel holders in each classroom
      • Taking water fountains offline and installing water bottle coolers
      • Increasing pre-occupancy and post-occupancy HVAC run times from two hours to three hours
      • Developing a schedule for increased frequency of routine cleaning and disinfecting

    Once schools reopen, APS Facilities will 

      • Conduct high touch common area wipe downs for at least two cycles daily and monitor hand soap and paper towel stocks throughout the day
      • Conduct facility wipe downs during nightly cleaning
      • High touch areas include: door knobs, railings, light and water fixtures, elevator buttons, counters, chair arms, phones, etc. 
      • High touch areas will be sprayed using a non-toxic, EPA-approved disinfectant. The surface will be left to air dry, unless it has to be used immediately, in which case it will be wiped down. 
      • Provide EPA approved disinfectant spray in each core classroom.
      • Provide restorative cleaning operations for post-COVID-19  exposure