• Recess is an important part of the day and recess will be scheduled for all students.  Our property has been divided into six - eight play zones outdoors.    One of those play zones includes the installed playground and the other zones are designated open field space.  These field spaces are behind the fence, near our portable classrooms.  

    • Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade will have seven designated zones, one for each cohort of students.
    • 1st Grade will have eight designated play zones
    • Our 4th & 5th grade classes will have six play zones
    • There will be recess kits created for each cohort, to prevent use of items between cohorts 
    • Students will wear masks at recess
    • On the way out to recess, students will use hand sanitizer.  Once recess is over, students will use hand sanitizer before returning to the classroom
    • On inclement weather days, which would be rain or a very wet snow, students will have indoor recess in the classroom.
    • Please check the weather forecast each day, as students will have recess outside unless there is rain or a very wet snow.