APS will be working with a pre-requested order for breakfast and lunch as we reopen our buildings. Please note the following:
    1) You are selecting once for all semester (no need to fill this form out more than once)
    2) Meals are pre-packaged off site and will not be "fresh from the line." They will be delivered to the school on a daily basis.
    3) Any forms received after 9 AM on Wednesdays will have food service started one week from the upcoming Monday.

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    Menus are available HERE

Breakfast and Lunch

    • During the first two weeks after reopening, students will eat lunch in the classroom, as well as breakfast if needed. We will reassess the use of our cafeteria after the first two weeks.   
    • Breakfast will be delivered to classrooms each morning, and lunch will be delivered at lunch time.
    • Teachers will be given a roster daily to highlight students who are eating school lunch. They will place this list on their door each day by 9am. Lunch will be delivered to the classroom door by cafeteria staff.
    • Teachers will supervise students during the student’s lunch period.  Teachers will have a duty free lunch scheduled at another time during the day.
    • Students will eat outdoors when possible.  Eight outdoor eating areas have been designated on the school property 
    • During the actual eating time of lunch and while the mask is removed, students will be asked to focus on eating only.  Once the students have finished eating, they will put their masks back on.  As soon as they have cleaned their area of lunch trash, students will be provided with a quiet activity to do at their seat while others are finishing their food.  As more students finish eating and are wearing masks, they will be encouraged to socialize with classmates during the remainder of the lunch period.  We will create a lunch environment where students do not talk, shout, or move around while masks have been removed by all or a portion of students.