Schedules and Cohorts

  • Students/teachers will be assigned a cohort to mitigate interaction as well as to allow for contact tracing through the Department of Health.

      • A Cohort is a single unit of students and teacher(s), defined by their homeroom teacher, which operates together during the school day for instruction, recess, lunch, and any special classes.
      • A Secondary Cohort is a blend of two cohorts, defined by the required intervention. They will attend interventions in specified classrooms at specified times.  For example, GATE students will receive services within a different cohort than their regular homeroom class, and Morningside After School (MAS) students would form additional cohorts.  
      • A Blended Cohort is a group of cohorts that might share larger common areas when they leave their classroom.  However at this time, we have no plans to blend cohorts as a part of our daily schedule.

    Schedules can be found HERE.