Classroom Information




Classroom Precautions

    • Classrooms and learning spaces will be organized to promote physical, social distancing.
    • Classroom floor rugs will be removed and if necessary non-essential furniture will also be removed to promote social distancing.  
    • The classroom will be set up so that students will face one direction in the classroom as much as possible
    • Students will have a hand-washing and/or hand sanitizing schedule throughout the day, between subjects, activities
    • Teachers will be encouraged to clean any high touch areas within the classroom throughout the day, developing a clearing routine between subjects and activities.   Resuable gloves and disinfectant will be provided for each instructional area.
    • Classroom surfaces will not be shared unless easily cleaned between uses.
    • At this time, we are planning limited use of plexiglass barriers in our school. 
    • If requested, teachers will be provided with a plexiglass barrier for their desks and at a separate area for when proximity to a student is required for one on one teaching.  
    • For phonics or other instruction, teachers will have the option of using a clear mask, so that teachers can demonstrate pronunciation. 
    • Our teachers will possibly move the class outdoors where circumstances allow.  We have zoned the property for as many outdoor activities as possible, including PE, recess and lunch.  A schedule will be created which will include outdoor zones and when areas are assigned for use, so that teachers can see additional outdoor class availability.