Welcome 4th Quarter F2F Returning Students

  • We are thrilled to welcome back more Dolphins for face to face learning in 4th Quarter! Teachers will be reaching out with communication this week.  Please remember - masks are required for all!  Please read this page in its entirety! 
    The top part of this page are action items. The bottom part of this page are general morning and afternoon procedures at the bottom of the page.

    FIRST DAY FOR NEW RETURNING F2F STUDENTS: We will have staff on hand to ensure all students get to their classrooms!  We will also have a floor maker system where students will follow certain color floor markers to get to their locations. 

    Purple Floor Markers

    Yellow Floor Markers

    Red Floor Markers

    Green Floor Markers

    1st Grade - (All 1st Grade)

    Hatcher - 5th Grade

    Kindergarten (all Kindergarten)

    Turner - 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade (All EXCEPT Bates)

    Taylor - 5th Grade

    2nd Grade (All 2nd Grade)

    Newnham, Richards - 4th Grade

    Nelli - 4th Grade

    Stroud  - 5th Grade

    Bates - 3rd Grade

    Sublett, Dunaway - 5th Grade

    GATE - Hood/Cherry

    GATE  - Duncan

    Guerino - 4th Grade


    SUPPLY LISTS: Please check out the information posted on the MES Website HERE


    1) TRANSPORTATION - ONLY NEW 4th QUARTER F2F STUDENTS!!!!  If your student started F2F in January or February, you do NOT need to fill out again!

    **NOTE** All students returning Face to Face must be loaded into PikMyKid and are done so by filling out the form linked below. BOTH contacts provided must download and register with the app itself!!  Please be patient. Once you fill out the form, MES has to upload the data to the site. 

    a) If you have not yet done so, please fill out the MES Transportation Survey to inform us how your student returning F2F will be dismissed from school! Bus Riders -  See bus numbers and bus routes HERE.  

    b) Download and register for PikMyKid (Visit the PikmyKid page for important information on how to use the app** This step is for ALL face to face students regardless of transportation mode to and from school. **** See the PikmyKid page for important information on how to use the app ***

    c) Download and register for Here Comes the Bus (for tracking bus information in real time). This step is for students who will be riding the bus. NOTE: This app is fully managed by APS Transportation.

    BUS ROUTES - Can be viewed HERE

    APS will be working with a pre-requested order for breakfast and lunch as we reopen our buildings. Please note the following:
    a) You are selecting once for all semester (no need to fill this form out more than once)
    b) Meals are pre-packaged off site and will not be "fresh from the line." They will be delivered to the school on a daily basis.
    c) Any forms received after 9 AM on Wednesdays will have food service started one week from the upcoming Monday.

    Click HERE to place request

    Menus are available HERE

    3) HEALTHCHECK Daily Questionnaire
    Parents of face to face students are asked to complete a daily morning health questionnaire through the HealthCheck app.
    Please download the HealthCheck App and click HERE for more information.

    1) Parents should fill out the HealthCheck questionnaire on the HealthCheck App. Click HERE for more information about HealthCheck.
    2) Carpool lane- do not drop students before 7:30. Wait for signal to exit car!! There is no LEFT turn into OR out of the driveway
    3) Kids open doors at carpool from the inside at carpool
    4) Temperatures will be taken at both the front door and bus entrance doors.
    5) Pack a water bottle, snack, and lunch if students are bringing lunch
    6) Students will follow colored dots on the floor (and will be guided by MES Staff) once they enter the building in order to find their classrooms upon arrival. Teachers will share the specific color floor markers that students should follow prior to Monday.

    1) No dismissal changes after 2pm. All dismissal changes go through PikMyKid (instructions on PikMyKid page: https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/Page/65339)
    2) Carpool - click ANNOUNCE whenever you arrive and queue up in line on Virginia Ave. If you forget, you'll see the PikMyKid Zone at the foot of the driveway. No LEFT turn into OR out of the driveway.
    3) Walkers - if your 3rd-5th student is walking home without a parent, please send brian.baron@atlanta.k12.ga.us an email with your permission!  If you are meeting your student, tap ANNOUNCE when you arrive to campus at the Walker Pad!
    4) Be patient at Carpool :). We will go as quickly as possible. Thank you!!
    5) Bus - no action necessary