2019/20 School Year Information

  • ✅ Register your MES Student K-5:

    *** PLEASE NOTE:  If you completed an online registration form, you are still required to bring all required registration documents into the school between July 15 - August 7.  The online form you fill out is in lieu of a paper registration form, but all documents are still required.
    New MES Student Registration: Click the link below that best describes your student in the 2019/20 School Year.

    Existing Rising Grades 1-5 MES Student Registration: Packets were sent home to existing MES students. Parents/Guardians were asked to review the packet and return it to school no later than March 22 to ensure their student is registered for 19/20 school year. 

     ✅ 2019/20 Teacher Announcements: 

    Your student's teacher assignments are revealed via Infinite Campus Parent Portal prior to our Meet & Greet on August 9th. 
    The grade level teams meet together, along with administration and support staff to build balanced classrooms. This year, we are using a technology program called “Class Creator” to help us with this process. Our team carefully considers each student’s individual needs and uses the following criteria to create compatible and balanced classrooms: Student profile, Ethnicity, Academic balance, Equitable class size throughout the grade level , Group dynamics, Distribution of boys and girls , Students identified for special services, Parent input (Optional, not a requirement)
    Our class creation process will be complete before the end of the 2018/19 school year. However, due to new student enrollees and possible unexpected staff changes, that information is not released until August. 3.


    ✅ Meet Your Teacher: Friday, August 9 (Student & Parent/Guardian Event)

    On Friday, August 9th, make plans to meet teachers, classmates, and drop off school supplies in your new classroom.
    ✅ First Day of School: Monday, August 12th, 2019

    Visit the Atlanta Public School (APS) 2019/20 School Calendar for more dates. In addition, the MES Google Calendar is a great source of dates and times. 
    ✅ Back to School Nights: 
    Kindergarten Center - Tuesday, August 27th (K Center): Details to follow
    Main Campus - Thursday, August 29th: Details to follow

    Visit your student's classroom where teachers will provide a brief overview of their plans, expectations, curriculum, and procedures for the school year. 
    ✅ School Supplies:

    Visit the School Supply page for grade level supply lists.
    ✅ Student Fees:

    Covers costs of administrative & grade level field trips and activities. Amounts and instructions for how to pay will be posted as soon as they are available.
    ✅ Paying for Breakfast/Lunch:

    Update/Signup for your MySchoolBucks account and load your child’s account for payment. Sign-up for automatic monthly menus to be emailed to you here.
    ✅ Communication:

    Morningside Elementary School communicates with our families in a variety of different ways. This includes our MES website, weekly digital newsletter "Digital Dolphin", MySchool Anywhere Digital Family Directory and our general MES Facebook page opened to the public. We also have Grade Specific Facebook Pages that allows our parents to share, post and chat all things MES! 
    • My School Anywhere (MSA) Digital Directory: The MES family school directory, you must have an entry in the directory to receive the Digital Dolphin.
      • New MES families/students: Create your family's entry in our school directory HERE (invitation code- Morningside)
      • Existing Families: Log on to MSA to confirm your address, email and add any new MES students.
      • Note: During MSA Directory registration you may opt out of showing all or part of your contact information. Please note if you are not registered in the MSA Directory you will not receive the Digital Dolphin. 
    • Digital Dolphin: weekly MES newsletter, register in the My School Anywhere Digital Directory to receive the newsletter.
    • Grade Level Facebook Pages: email Communications@morningsideschool.org to request access to your grade gevel page.

    Atlanta Public Schools and MES Administration communicates with our MES families via the contact information and preferences set in your Infitite Campus Parent Portal. To change or set up your family's preferences, log on to your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. Visit the Infinite Campus Parent Portal Website if you need assistance obtaining acess to your account.   

    ✅ Resources:

    GOTeam, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) & MES Foundation: Visit our How to Get Involved at MES webpage to learn more about the GOTeam, PTA or MES Foundation.
    MES Community: Visit the MES Community webpage for resources on various topics in our community including Howard Middle School Blog, Grady Cluster Blog, Construction Updates in our Community and More!
    MES Media Center: Check out the summer reading recommendations.
    ✅ Questions:

    MES Main Campus:
    MES Kindergarten Campus: