Carpool at Main Campus

  • Begins at 7:30am.
    The best time to arrive for carpool is 7:30am – 7:45am.  E. Rock Springs is also a commuter street, so it becomes very busy and extremely congested from 7:45am – 8:00am.
    Carpool lane starts at corner of Barclay, Berkshire, E Sussex (Please use 3-way stop etiquette).
    Students arriving after 8:00am will be marked tardy.
    Please Do...
    • Be a good role model by following carpool rules, and being courteous & cautious of others.
    • Line-up along the median (driver’s side) & shut your engine off when in non-moving line.
    • Pull-up completely, stay in your car, & allow children to exit on their own.
    • Utilize visitor's parking spaces if your child requires special assistance or extra time.
    • Say goodbye & have students ready to exit car before reaching drop-off area.
    Please Don’t...
    • Enter carpool from E. Rock Springs Road or turn into Dolphin Dr during carpool.
    • Park or drop-off children along Barclay Rd, in-front of Haygood, or on E. Rock Springs Rd.
    • Cut the carpool line by making a U-Turn on or crossing median on Barclay.
    • Use your cellphone in carpool, for everyone’s safety.

    PTA Carpool Chair: open volunteer position 

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