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    APS & MES are committed to creating a culture of student support and a focus on the whole child.  Our school will be administering a universal screener of social, emotional & behavioral health. The assessment has 3 components:  a brief rating scale completed by the homeroom teacher, a parent rating scale, as well as a self-rating scale for students ages 8 and above.  

    Together, this information helps us to understand the needs of all students, and to make effective plans to support those needs at the school, class, and individual levels.    The screener will be administered at MES during the Fall semester, Sep. 20 – Oct. 1, plus again Feb. 16 – Mar. 1, 2022.  

    No action is required if you agree with your student’s participation in the screening.  If you would prefer that your student NOT participate in the universal screening, please submit an opt-out form either by paper or electronically by September 17th at 2:45pm.    The letter on this page was distributed to students to take home on Monday, Sept. 13th

    Please find the electronic opt- out form HERE

    ​If you have any questions, please contact Counselor Maegan Mellick at meagan.mellick@atlanta.k12.ga.us

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