Chess Club

  • Chess Club meets every Wednesday morning, from 7:30-7:50am, in the Cafeteria 
    Welcome to the Morningside Chess Club! The Chess Club is run solely by PTA volunteers. The Club is open to all ages and skill levels. No need to register, no fees, just show up any Wednesday ready to play. Checkers are also available. Parents are also welcome and encouraged to help supervise, play, or instruct beginners.
    Chess is a unique game played within a culture of courtesy and respect. It is a sophisticated sport that can be played and enjoyed on many levels and at all ages. The principles of strategy and competition that you will foster here will be helpful no matter where your life may lead. Please follow these guidelines.

    Morningside Chess Sportsmanship Guidelines:

    • Exercise good sportsmanship through every match. Make only positive comments or gestures toward your opponent.  Do not taunt or ridicule your opponent in any way. Always sit down after you have made your move. Always say good game and shake hands when you are finished.
    • Keep talking to a low level. If your talking disturbs other players, you will be asked to play a silent game.
    • There are only two situations when it is OK to comment on someone else's game. They are when:
      • An adult has asked you to help coach other players or,
      • Both players have asked you for help on one specific question.
    • Put your game pieces, boards, chairs, tables and anything else you have used in its proper place before leaving the Media Center.
    • If there is a question about whether a certain move by your opponent is legal, raise your hand to ask an adult. Do not accuse your opponent of cheating.
    • You should not suggest moves to your opponent or listen to suggestions from others.
    • Horseplay and other misbehavior will not be tolerated.
    • Have fun and work hard to become a better player.
    PTA Chess Club Chair: